Road Trip Snack Bag

SB_Bag_PatioPassion, it’s what we all want; what we long to surround ourselves with in work, play, life. Luckily I have found a way to incorporate my three passions — Spaceman, travel, and food — with the road trip. Since I am not willing to share Spaceman, and travel is subjective, I am going to share with you three staples for a perfect Road Trip Snack Bag.

First up, Goldfish:

SB_Gold_FishThese small treats are like crack for the soul (my pilates trainer and I have discussed this in depth while I gasp for breath trying to do one more crunch). You truly cannot eat just one. They satiate the craving for something salty and the little quizzes and fun facts on the packaging are entertaining. They are also easy to transport and can be spilled into the hand of the driver with little fuss and little mess.

Second up, Raisins:

SB_RaisinsI know, I can’t believe I said it either (raisins, really?). But they are also easy to pack and stay fresh for days. They satiate the sweet craving and are a good source of energy, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are also easy to spill into the drivers hand with little mess and little fuss (side benefit: since I don’t really crave these wrinkled things, the driver gets lots).

Third up, Water:

SB_Water_BottleIt sounds obvious, but staying hydrated is essential while traveling. There may be long stretches where no other people, convenience stores, or streams (not sure I would trust their freshness anyway) are available. Staying hydrated keeps you awake, alert, and (depending on the company) happy.

From these three staples, you can add a variety of other goodies to personalize it to suit your desires such as hard candy, pretzels, carrots, even hand wipes — which are always useful.

Happy travels, and let me know if you have some “can’t-live-without” road trip snacks.

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  1. I LOVE road trips… I would add to this list salty nuts, jerky, and small fruit like berries, bananas, and such. My car does NOT stay clean during a road trip… or ever, actually.

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