The Selfie

The selfie, it is the new extension of ourselves. We take it to share our (referring to the collective “our”) exciting adventures, life moments, or just to brag. There is even the selfie stick to help the situation for those of us who don’t have full arm extension, and all sorts of filters to use before “sharing” the pictures with others. However, I think Spaceman and I may be missing something about this engaging art form…yes?

S_S_Selfie                                                  (at least the picture is in focus!)

6 thoughts on “The Selfie

  1. Wow that is really cool. I love the cute little picture have a great day! selfie Selfie selfie!
    I love your blog even though I don’t leave a comment all of the time, I am always blessed by the local info that you give us. it’s amazing how much is in our neighborhood! thank you for all that you do for the community.

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