Arches National Park, Utah…Road Trip!

Arch_Front“June gloom” has engulfed today with its clouds. This has made me reflect on sunnier days…specifically a girls’ trip I took to Moab, Utah to visit Arches National Park.

As I have mentioned before, girls’ trips are FANTASTIC — especially when taken with best friends! This trip I flew into Utah, hopped into my friend’s car, and off we drove through what may just be the most beautiful state in our fair land.

Arch_TreeArch_RiverThen there were the arches…

Arch_DoorArch_TunnelArch_ThreeUnfortunately, I had a limited amount of time for this trip so I had to say farewell to the fun. Trying to overcome her loneliness from my absence (or perhaps she was hungry), Holly bellied up to the local bar for dinner and drinks where she promptly met a hot firefighter (no pun intended, or is there?) and they explored the back roads of Moab for the next few days. A good trip had by all!


2 thoughts on “Arches National Park, Utah…Road Trip!

  1. I have the most lovely picture of you with a forkful of hashbrowns on its way to your mouth… a shame I can’t post it here… I remember that beautiful tree!! (and the hot firefighter… grrrowwwl ;o) But mostly I remember fun with my wonderful friend :o) XOXO

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