Friends, Food, and a Little Flower Candy Company

LF_FansThis morning I got to share breakfast with one of my dearest friends as she passed close to my neighborhood on her way to an appointment. I was tasked (delightedly) with the job of suggesting a place to meet. As you may have noticed, I take food very seriously (there is only so much space in the stomach and filling it with just anything is not an ideal option). That’s when I remembered The Little Flower Candy Company on the border between Pasadena and Eagle Rock.

This gem of a spot I found on a fluke when I was craving an ice tea and had to make a stop between two work appointments a few years back. I saw a sign for a Curves from the freeway and figured there must be something else drink-wise around it…bingo! The name is quite deceiving as I assumed it was just a candy shop (not my favorite type of store as I prefer ice cream), but I decided to wander in anyway…my thirst dictating my moves.

LF_CandyInside there is wonderful candy that is not easily found elsewhere, but there are also delicious food and drink selections available. I have been several times for lunch since, but today was my first visit for breakfast….I will be back. We each had the breakfast sandwich and the mixture of salty (cheese and bacon), sweet (caramelized onions) and delicious butter (real butter, hooray!) had me in a state of merriment.

LF_SandwichWe sat at one of the outside tables surrounded by flower boxes. She laughed at my jokes (true friend!) and we shared our lives for a moment — me still trying to adjust to a new reality since my mom’s passing and her finding a new reality in the trying time she is now facing.

LF_LanternsWe left with a hug and a peanut butter cookie in hand…it was a good morning!

LF_CookiesHave any of you tried this place before?

Details: 1422 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105;


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  1. Sometimes the sweetest things converge in the same place!! Good friends and good food is ALWAYS a good day :o)

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