Coffee in Turku, Finland

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoffee is just coffee until you step into a spot that transports you to a little slice of the neighborhood. That is what I found at the family-run Cafe Art in Turku, Finland.

We were visiting my husband’s family this past winter and stopped in for a visit. To be honest, it was about the third time “checking” on the place that we were able to enter and enjoy — holiday hours were in effect. Thankfully I had us on a sort of “stalking mission” as I really wanted to experience Cafe Art. I had read the hype (residence of several top Finnish Barista champions) and I love to experience local coffee shops/cafes — especially when abroad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe day we visited was cold and crisp, just like I like them.  We purposefully crossed Turku’s snowy square determined (or at least I was) to enjoy a coffee at Cafe Art. We pushed open the door to the cafe and smiled. Our cheeks were pink and our noses a bit runny from the cold air, but that all added to the fun of the adventure (not sure äiti/mom agreed). The cozy old house with its many rambling rooms to explore has a bank of windows that face the Aura River with only a walking path between the two.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe ordered our drinks and got a table by the window. I was almost giddy having my latte while watching the people outside and looking at the river. It was beautiful! I could have stayed for hours. The coffee was tasty — they cap it with a nice design made in the foam  (light snacks are also available, yum). The most fun for me, though, was peeking into the Finnish cafe scene and drawing from its energy. I wandered through the various rooms, a sun room, an art room, a back room, a front room…all good and with slightly different feels. This place has it all, even its own micro roastery business, Turun Kahvipaahtimo, which supplies beans to shops all across Finland.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlas the two I was with were getting cold as they felt a draft (are they really Finns?) so we left after our drink was done. As I walked away I thought, I definitely will be back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADetails: Cafe Art, Läntinen Rantakatu 5, 20100 Turku, 040-158 3383; (Finnish)

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