Helicopter on Ice, Glacier Ice

Glacier_AboveAre you a cold weather or warm weather person? I lean more to the cold weather, and I find its beauty so unique. Take, for example, the glacier.

Glacier_FoamA few years back, I cruised around Alaska with my family and was introduced to these beauties. They are mysterious and obvious at the same time. We know how they are formed (build up of compressed snow flakes which do not completely melt and then have more snow with no complete melt piled on top year after year), but their crevices and waterfalls brought questions that stirred my imagination.

Glacier_HelicopterWhen our cruise ship docked in Skagway, I hopped on a helicopter (as the rest of my extended family looked for a bar or place to sleep) and set off to explore. The pilot weaved through mountain tops and hovered over “our” glacier so that we could get a full sense of its enormity. It was beautiful!

Glacier_ByeStepping onto the glacier, I was surprised at how desolate and rocky it was. I thought it would be like one huge ice cube, but no. It was a combination of rocky soil, white ice, and blue caverns plunging downward (way down). Since I am naturally clumsy, this gave me a moment of concern before jetting out to stake my claim on the place (like a true explorer).

Glacier_CreviceAlthough this is a bit of a “touristy” adventure, I highly recommend it. It really felt like I had experienced another world…just what I needed at that moment. Let me know if you have been on a glacier.

Glacier_WaterfallWaterfall to worlds unknown…cool!


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  1. That beautiful blue color! I was on a glacier once… somewhere… Canada maybe? Obviously I was too young to appreciate it!

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