Parliament is in Session, Long Live Chocolate!

ParliamentFrontIn a tiny little shop in downtown Redlands, CA, lies an unassuming chocolate shop, Parliament Chocolate. Yes, we all know that ice cream is my true love (after Spaceman, of course!), but I pride myself on being an explorer and would not shy away from this intriguing little shop with three wise owls as its mascot.

The fact that I was amped-up on caffeine from the iced mocha I got from the coffee shop around the corner and that it was Valentine’s Day only added to my sense of adventure. Having lost track of time, we got to their door just as they were closing. I thought all was lost until I saw a chocolate angel beckon us inside.


                                                 (dang camera keeps shaking!)

She told us their stock was low because they try to make only enough for that day…and that day happened to be Valentine’s Day (aka chocolate day). However, we found a couple to try.


                                                      (shaky with anticipation)

It was the most unusual and tasty of chocolates. It literally melted in our mouth. The consistency was original and obviously high caliber. This was not a chocolate factory, but a chocolate boutique. I was feeling strangely conflicted as if I was cheating on my ice cream. This stuff was good! Here are three reasons why I think you should visit Parliament:

1. Hand made chocolate produced with love, know-how, and originality that culminates in great tasting treats.

2. Staff that is friendly and knowledgeable and willing to share their chocolate insight/guidance with you if you have questions.

3. Locally owned business that supports the neighborhood and the farmers where they get their cacao beans ensuring a high quality product and hometown atmosphere.

After visiting here, I tend to agree with this quote,

“A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate.” — author unknown

Details: Parliament Chocolate, 16 E. Redlands Blvd., Redlands, CA 92373;

If you are visiting Redlands, you may want to make a couple other stops at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and a la minute ice cream. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Parliament is in Session, Long Live Chocolate!

  1. Mmmm… my coffee break today may turn into a chocolate break. I like their very official-looking mustachioed owl mascots.

  2. I don’t know how you guys find all of these places, but this sounds like another amazing discovery! I love that they only make enough chocolate to sell for that day!

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