Chocolate Milk, It’s An Athlete’s Friend

Choc_MilkPinch me, am I dreaming? Over 20 studies have shown that drinking low-fat chocolate milk after a tough workout is one of the best things you can do for your body…dreams do come true!

I had just finished a pilates workout where my instructor, Rhea (Pilates by Rhea — love her!), is helping me get a “bikini butt” for my upcoming summer holiday in Hawaii (never too early to think Hawaii) and I decided I needed a little something with whipped cream on it. As I high-tailed my way into Charlie’s Coffee House (the best coffee spot in South Pasadena) to get an iced chocolate drink, I started talking with the owner who told me that chocolate milk is one of the best post-workout drink options. What, could this be? I rushed home to do some research and….it is true! Here is why…

The Protein and Carbohydrate Combination

The natural combination of proteins and carbohydrates found in low-fat chocolate milk effectively replenishes vital body nutrients lost during exercise (via sweat) and stops protein breakdown, refueling tired muscles.

In multiple test comparisons with water, sports drinks, and even plain milk, chocolate milk continuously came out on top. Not only does it trump the others in protein and carbohydrate content (key components to replenish after a workout), its ideal water, calcium, vitamin D, sugar, and sodium numbers stave off dehydration and help in regaining energy.

Hmmm, if chocolate milk is good, maybe chocolate ice cream is even better! Want to be a study participant?


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