San Pedro’s Korean Connection

KB_BellHigh atop the hills in San Pedro along the Pacific Ocean sits the Korean Bell of Friendship. Standing 12 feet high and made of over 17 tons of copper and tin with gold, nickel, lead and phosphorus added to it for brilliancy, this gift from the Republic of Korea back in 1976 is an impressive sight. The bell has recently had a “touch up” so the colors are incredibly vibrant making the intricate details of the woodwork “pop” spectacularly.

KB_Roof                                                     (ceiling of the bell enclosure)

I visited on a cool, sunny day with a slight breeze in the air — a far cry from what our veterans experienced in Korea to whom the bell, in part, is directed (I believe). Officially the bell was presented to the American people on our bicentennial to symbolize the friendship between our two nations. It has since become a destination spot for tourists and locals alike.

KB_Greeter                                                        (greeter to the bell)

The tranquil grounds and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean make this a great place for a picnic or to catch your breath from the hectic pace of life. Its tapestry of colors and wood carvings, along with its postcard-worthy location, make visiting this spot well worth the drive.

KB_Gables                                             (some roof gables and posts)

KB_Towerjpg                                                          (full view of bell tower)

Details: Korean Bell of Friendship, 3601 Gaffey St., San Pedro, CA  90731;

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