Nitrogen Ice Cream, Oh Yeah!

ALM_StoreAs I mentioned in my last post, I visited the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA over the President’s holiday weekend. After rummaging through interesting artifacts and listening to historical accounts of the formation of this great country of ours, I needed…ice cream! As you all know by now, ice cream is a key component in my healthy lifestyle. It promotes strong bones (via calcium), fresh fruit (if I choose say, strawberry), and flavanols (if I choose say, mint chocolate chip). Thankfully we were clued in by locals to a la minute hand crafted ice cream.

A la minute is a la fantastic! It is not only delicious, but it is such fun to watch them make the ice cream. This is because they use liquid nitrogen to whip up your selection right in front of you…who said science isn’t fun? The liquid nitrogen is no gimmick either because, by using this technique, the ice cream produced is much creamier due to a smaller size  ice crystal formed in such cold temperatures (about -321 degrees F, burr!).

ALM_IceCream                                 (look at that sexy hand! yes, it’s my man’s hand!)

The products they use are all organic and predominantly local as one of their main goals is to support and promote local area vendors. It really is a must stop shop. Do it for your health!

ALM_BoardDetails: A La Minute Hand Made Ice Cream, 19 E. Citrus Ave. #105, Redlands, CA  92373;

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