Helsinki Chapels — (Part 2) Kamppi Chapel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes we forget how frenetic and loud the world is. Then we enter a place like Kamppi Chapel (Kampin Kappeli) in Helsinki, Finland, and we get smacked in the face with the soft pillow of silence and calm. It’s time for part 2 of Helsinki Chapels, welcome to the sound of silence (someone cue Simon and Garfunkel please)

Kamppi Chapel is a masterpiece of architectural simplicity and beauty. The circular shape of the chapel sets a tone of unending peace in the heart of a bustling capital city. Designers Kimmo Lintula, Niko Sirola and Mikko Summanen won the International Architecture Award in 2010 for their design. My husband and I visited this oasis on a crisp, snowy day. As I struggled to keep up with his “walking” pace (seems more like a slow run), we rounded the bend beneath a neon lighted building and there it was — this wonderfully quirky, round, wood building. After getting the international hand-swiping signal meaning “go around”, we found the entrance and entered into the warmth and tranquil hush of the place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerhaps it is watching my brother battle cancer at this moment, but the chaotic pace of life has made me seek restful places more often. Kamppi Chapel is a great spot to sit for a moment, breathe and remember what really matters in life. To me that is my loved ones and the belief God has a good plan for each of us…no matter how bright or dark the day may seem.

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  1. I hope Bobby finds a place like this in his heart and mind as he enters this next round of treatment. So peaceful.

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