New Year’s Resolutions and Doughnuts


After listening to a radio talk show declaring the death of new year’s resolutions, I realized I have never made any “official” new year’s resolutions…ever! I have said things in jest, but I have never made a directed decision to do a specific thing as a new year’s resolution. 2015 will be my year to do it! With this in mind, I raced over to Donut Friend, grabbed a luscious delight and began to think…what shall I resolve to do this year? As I was thinking and thinking, I realized…these donuts are really good.

DonutLogoDonut Friend is located in the hipster, up-and-coming neighborhood of Highland Park in Los Angeles. It is a sort of playground for doughnut enthusiasts, and it is delicious. You can create your own doughnut from the doughnut bar or choose from the creative doughnut menu. They even have ice cream filled doughnut sundaes (hello, gorgeous!).

DonutBoxI chose an assortment that included: a Bacon 182 (traditional doughnut with maple glaze and bacon sprinkles), a Strawberry Shortcake (traditional doughnut filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and dripped with a chocolate glaze over top), and a Nutella Vision (traditional doughnut with a chocolate hazelnut + dash of olive oil spread in the middle topped with a vanilla glaze and a pinch of sea salt).

DonutBacon1                             (Bacon 182 Before – slightly shaky with anticipation)

DonutBacon                                             (Bacon 182 after – fully satisfied)

This delicious encounter helped me clarify my resolution —  to more deeply appreciate the gifts of this life. I am pretty sure I can keep that one!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? If so, how are you managing them?

Details: Donut Friend, 5107 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065;

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  1. This place reminds me of Voidoo donuts in Portland! This place sounds like a lot of fun and on my field trip up to LA, I will definitely have a doughnut!
    Love your resolutions and thoughts about them!

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