Potty Talk Alert!

My dad likes to declare he is going to “the head” when he is referring to a bathroom visit, much to my mom’s chagrin. Ever wonder why the toilet is referred to as “the head”? Here is some history on that point…


The term was coined by those in the maritime profession — a maritime euphemism.  It all started because, traditionally, toilets were located at the front of ships (the head) so that the ocean water would splash up onto the front of the vessel and wash the waste away.

Although the term has origins dating back to the 1600’s, Woodes Rogers (sea man, privateer, and two-time Governor of the Bahamas) is credited with the first known documented use of the term “the head” in his book A Cruising Voyage Around the World (the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe).

My dad has always had a great love of the ocean and has been a boat owner and enthusiast most of his life. I guess he really is a maritime man at heart — ahoy, dad!