The Beauty of Lacy Park

lacyparksignA while back I wrote about the Lacy Park Stairs as a good “public gym” option and promised a follow-up regarding Lacy Park proper. Seeing that the holidays are fast approaching and my jeans are already getting tighter (I think the wash machine has shrunk them), now is a good time to share what Lacy Park offers.

Established in 1925 on the former Wilson Lake site (it dried up due to over water usage by early settlers to the area), Lacy Park was created as part horticultural habitat and part neighborhood gathering spot. It consists of roughly 26 acres of beautifully maintained trails, grassy fields, a rose garden, tennis courts, picnic benches, resting spots, and play grounds for all to enjoy. There is even a beautiful memorial dedicated to General George Patton (a local San Marino boy) along with our country’s other fallen veterans.

lacyparkpattonThe two main draws to Lacy Park for me are the walking loops. There is an “inner” loop that is about 3/4 of a mile and an “outer” loop that is about 1 mile. Seeing that I fancy myself an outdoorsy person (a bit of a surprise to some friends as I tend to share this information from the coziness of my sofa while sipping ice tea and watching pain-faced joggers bounce by my window), I have extended my exercise regime to include the Lacy Park Stairs and the Lacy Park Loop(s).

lacyparktennislacyparkgrassLacy Park has a peaceful, relaxed feeling to it with friendly guests who smile easily and stay mostly to themselves. Dogs are also welcome here as long as you pick up after them and keep them on a leash.

lacyparktreeThe park is located at 1485 Virginia Road, San Marino, CA  91108. It really is a wonderful spot to put on your “need to visit” list. Let me know what you liked best about the park when/if you visit.


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