Frozen Bananas, Balboa Island, and Birthdays

It was just my birthday and to my delight my husband took me to the happiest place on earth! No, not Disneyland…Sugar and Spice the frozen banana stand on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. If you have not been here yet, I suggest you run (not walk) to it and grab your treat.


This wonderful establishment opened in 1945 and has been a staple on the island ever since. To a select few it has taken on a sort of cult following (do you think they are accepting cult leader applications?). Sugar and Spice is the first frozen banana stand to open on the island. Since its opening a couple other frozen banana stands have popped up (in fact there is one only a few doors down), but I recommend sticking with the original.

Here is how it works:

  1. you choose the size of the banana you want (small/medium/large/XL)
  2. you choose a topping (I highly recommend the rainbow sprinkles)
  3. you watch as the server unwraps your banana, dips it into milk chocolate, and then coats it with the topping of your choice…perfection! (note: you can get a double dipping of chocolate if you are feeling especially adventurous)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis spot not only delights my belly, it also takes my mind back to some special moments. You see, I spent many summer days at this place. When I was a kid my parents would rent a summer-house for a few weeks on the island and at some point each day (or almost each day) we kids would wander up to get a frozen banana and then sit on the sea wall to eat it. It was wonderful, and it is still wonderful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADon’t miss the culinary delight of this unique treat that boasts bananas, chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles (if you choose wisely — or another topping of nuts or a mixture of things if you must).

Sugar and Spice is located at 310 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, CA  92662.

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