‘Daily Dose’ in Downtown Los Angeles

DailyDoseAlleyAlong a winding alleyway in the midst of downtown Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle, lies The Daily Dose. With 100% certified organic food available and a myriad of coffee drinks at the ready, this spot boasts a charming and energetic atmosphere.

DailyDoseCounterAll the food is made fresh daily, and the drinks are made to order. Sitting at one of the outside shaded benches recently, my cousin and I solved all sorts of world problems and concerns while sipping some refreshing drinks.

The guy next to us (it is sort of communal seating) had the most delicious looking sandwich. When we asked him about it, he offered us a bite before he started eating it! Now that is hospitality…or crazy. Awkwardly, and a little reluctantly, we declined his offer. We are not at the point of eating off strangers’ plates…yet. However, this points to the friendly, good-natured atmosphere of The Daily Dose.

DailyDoseEnterIt is primarily street parking here which can be a bit difficult to find so plan some extra time to circle the block a time or two if this is your parking preference. Otherwise, there is a lot not too far away where you can pay to stash your car. Find out more about The Daily Dose by visiting their website, www.dailydoseinc.com. Enjoy!

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  1. I had no idea that this area of downtown was so hip now! I may have to take a field trip…

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