Lacy Park Stairs – Just Do It!

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The Lacy Park Stairs are nestled among bougainvillea plants and beautiful homes in San Marino, California. I stumbled upon them as my husband and I were bike riding through the neighborhood. He was easily cruising up the never ending slope of the street we were on while I was panting and searching for any break spots (this seems to be a pattern with us). When I noticed the steps my mind began to race, “This could be my new exercise ‘club’!”

I never did gain the “freshman 15” as was the vicious rumor going around before I headed off to my first year of university. My metabolism was too raucous to let the weight stick I suppose. However, I have definitely gained the “freshman 15” in my first year of marriage (is there such a thing?).

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The problem seems to be that I haven’t mastered cooking for two. Most recipes are made for four – although it seemed that all things were made for two when I was single (what’s going on?). Anyway, in an attempt to hang onto my pant size, I have found the Lacy Park Stairs. These beasts are going to lift up my bum to its previous perky position and flatten my stomach, perhaps even bring on some ab definition (although I think I can buy make-up shading for that if necessary, this is the land of Hollywood after all!).

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There are two flights of stairs with an inclined path between them. After making a few trips up and down, you can cross the street to Lacy Park (more in an upcoming post) and walk the loop (two choices: 3/4 mile or 1 mile) for some additional cardio punch. Summer is fast approaching so let’s get in shape. Maybe I will see you there?

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Directions: Take Huntington Drive heading East to Virginia Road heading North. Turn left onto Virginia Road and continue around Lacy Park until you pass Shenandoah Road. Stay on Virginia Road but keep your eye out for the stairs which will be on your right. Street parking is available.

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