The Desert is ‘Sunnylands’ Indeed!

sunnylandsPathSpringtime in the Coachella Valley is, well, gorgeous! I doubt it was quite this beautiful when “discovered” during the westward expansion and travel was by horse drawn wagons with no deodorant nor my beloved air conditioning. However,  today it is beautiful.  One spot in particular is Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California.

sunnylandsLobbyOnce the home of the Walter Annenberg family for five months out of every year, Sunnylands hosted presidents, royalty, and actors from the “golden age” of Hollywood to name just a few. After the passing of both Walter and Leonore Annenberg, their estate became ‘Sunnylands’ and has been designed to be enjoyed both by the public as well as to be utilized for high-level strategic retreats.

sunnylandsTourThe estate is encircled by a pink wall with the subtly marked visitor’s center directly adjacent to it. The gardens are magnificent! As I wandered some of the paths, I watched hummingbirds dance among the flowers while butterflies floated along with the warm breeze. By visiting Sunnylands you know a part of your day is ensured to be beautiful and peaceful.


sunnylandsCafeSome notable facts:

  • Tickets for the Annenberg estate tour must be purchased before arriving via their website (the dates sell out fast).
  • The visitor’s center is open to the public, no reservation is needed.
  •   A lovely cafe for light food and refreshments is available at the visitor’s center with wi-fi complimentary.
  • Sunnylands’ yearly calendar offers a variety of opportunities such as yoga classes, painting space, classical music concerts, and desert specific exploration classes for kids.

Go and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Desert is ‘Sunnylands’ Indeed!

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  2. Ross and I are going tomorrow for the house tour – we were lucky to get tickets! Love your pictures of the grounds, it is truly beautiful there.

  3. Ooooo, pretty! I had no idea this even existed. It’s a mid-century modern dream – and those gardens are gorgeous! Would be so fun to see a concert there…

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