Deep Thoughts in the Garden

Some days are just meant for deep thoughts. Where do you go for such lofty ambitions? Arlington Garden in Pasadena, California is where!


This little gem is tucked away on a side street that is perpendicular to two very busy streets. I discovered it during a bike ride with my husband. We had been going up some hills for a while (well, maybe they were slight inclines but let’s not mince words) and I needed an air and water break. My husband knew of the spot and wanted to show me its magic.

arlingtongarden5In this tranquil “community supported, water-wise Mediterranean garden” there are a variety of little gardens perfect for thinking, reading, and/or just looking at the beauty of nature. Chairs, tables and in some spots even foot stools have been provided. Here you can find a quiet spot and imagine anything is possible. In this world that is often turbulent, we can all use a respite like Arlington Garden.

arlingtongarden7arlingtongarden6Noteworthy facts: Arlington Garden is on leased land from Caltrans to the city of Pasadena. It is three acres of open space that was created in 2005 and inspired by Jan Smithen’s book Sun-Drenched Gardens: The Mediterranean Style. It is located at 295 Arlington Drive, Pasadena, California¬† 91105.


2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts in the Garden

  1. How did I not know this existed?? I love that little rock garden maze, and the Mediterranean feeling. Will have to take a field trip to see for myself if this magical place you speak of is real…

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