It’s a date!

Two of my husband’s favorite things are dates (the fruit) and hot weather. Being from Finland, he says his bones are still trying to thaw out. That explains our “exploration” drive through Desert Hot Springs a few months back.

As I smashed my face as close as possible to the cool air shooting from my side of the car’s air conditioning vent, he happily tapped along to the radio and periodically pointed out different vistas in the ever heating desert scape. Suddenly, perhaps because my face was only inches from the windshield or maybe because of my eagle eye for anything food related, I spotted a small sign for dates with an arrow pointing down a quiet road. We decided to explore and how wonderful that we did!


Sam Cobb Farms greeted us. Actually, more specifically, Maxine Cobb greeted us…what a lovely woman! This is what you would call a family farm. The sampling room is in their front driveway with tables set up under tents. Maxine explained about the different varieties of dates their farm produces and welcomed us to try some. She is an interesting sales person as she told us she is not really fond of dates, but it was her husband’s dream to start his own date farm. I guess you call that no-pressure selling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe dates were plump, moist, and succulent…in other words, yummy!  We like to eat organic whenever possible, and the dates at Sam Cobb Farms are about as organic as you can get. I tried one and my husband had a sampling of the seven varieties they grow and then we purchased a bunch. We caught a glimpse of the palm trees which hosted the dates, but, unfortunately, Sam was not at home at that moment so we couldn’t get his tour of the place where he explains the whole process. On the positive side, that means we will have to go back for another visit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe hopped back in our car and took our respective roles; him enjoying tunes on the radio, pointing out desert beauty, and now smacking delightedly on some delicious dates; me gasping for the cool air from the a/c vents and smiling at my blessing of having a husband who is happiest when exploring. As a side note, the person who invented air conditioning should be sainted! Sam Cobb Farms is located at 22325 Henry Road, Sky Valley, CA 92241. Check them out on the web at


2 thoughts on “It’s a date!

  1. Medjool dates are my favorite – like when they’re almost chewy. I love the desert “Springs” area… the land of “date shakes”! I’ve never thought dates were so delicious as when I was sipping them whipped up with ice cream through a straw in 95 degree weather.

  2. Makes me want to try a date. I can’t remember the last time I had one. That place sounds fun!

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