Yum to Mendocino Market and Deli!

My husband and I took a road trip up the coast of California recently, as all respectable Californians must do, and turned off Highway 1 into the artsy town of Mendocino. It felt good to stretch my legs as we walked the town streets. We passed teenagers flirting with one another, a dog fast asleep in the sun while on guard duty in front of the millinery shop, and artists discussing the latest openings dressed in tie-dye while checking their iPhone…you’ve got to love California!


We didn’t have much time to dilly-dally, so we started our search for food – one of my favorite past times. There were a couple of spots that looked fine, but we didn’t want “fine” so we asked the locals for their favorite lunch spot. Mendocino Market and Deli it was, and what a gem of a place! Everything there is fresh and made to order. They cover a variety of food palates including vegan, vegetarian, fish, and meat. Their specialty is their sandwich, any of them. You choose the bread, the smears, and the stuffings and then wait for your “order up.” As a side note, they also make a delicious, from scratch, clam chowder soup. The atmosphere of the shop is neighborhoody. Everyone seems to be a regular, and that is how the women behind the counter make you feel: welcome and at home. I was particularly hungry so I kept making changes to my order which the sandwich gal happily accepted. As we waited, we examined the yummy delicacies in their small market section.

Once our order was ready, my husband grabbed a drink, we collected our sandwiches, and headed to the shaded back garden patio. The variety of flowering bushes and picnic benches lent a cozy feel. Then it was time for us to try and figure out how to get our mouths around the beasts which were our sandwiches, what a lovely predicament!

If sandwiches are your thing, definitely check out Mendocino Market and Deli. Their website is: www.mendocinomarket.com


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