Goodbye Dad, I Will Love You Forever

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Ice Cream Sale

Yes, it is Monday. Yes, it is my sister-in-law’s birthday (happy birthday Judy!). And, yes, it is the 31st of the month. Why does the 31st of each month excite me so? Because Baskin Robbins has scoops of ice cream for only $1.99 each every month that ends in 31.

If I start soon, I may make it through all of their 31-derful flavors (although they have more now).

Pulling Out All the Stops!

This morning’s church was a tad more special because the organ was played. I have a real love for big church organs and the sounds they create. It had been some time since I had heard the organ played during a service so, in a happy daze, I leaned toward my friend and said, “Isn’t that beautiful?”, to which she said, “They are really pulling out all the stops.” Knowing she is a trained singer, I thought she was being “artsy” but I still gave her an odd look to which she said, “That’s where the saying comes from.” Huh? Could this be true? Let’s see where my investigations lead.

(picture by GĂ©rard Janot – Own work, Public Domain,

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Face-Off Chicken Salad

That’s right…it is hockey playoff time! My two favorite teams, Anaheim and Nashville, are battling for the Western Conference Championship with the winner leading us to the Stanley Cup Finals. I feel like a dirty mistress as I am rooting for Nashville even though Anaheim has been my steady partner for years now.

Needing a healthy, quick, easy meal that may be eaten in front of the television without mess for game nights, here is my Face-Off Chicken Salad solution…

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The Line Hotel Los Angeles

Koreatown, an area slightly west of downtown Los Angeles, is trending right now in a big way. There are some highly rated restaurants, independent theaters, and sleek hotels that have energized the area. One such hotel is The Line Hotel Los Angeles.

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